TVR Cerbera underbody protection

This TVR Cerbera is a low mileage car and is in exceptional condition.  There is absolutely no sign of any surface coating damage or corrosion on the welded tubular chassis space frame.  There is some light surface corrosion to some suspension parts and fixings but nothing in any way detrimental.  There is still evidence of the original wax protection from the factory as well as some additional wax that has been sprayed on the exposed underside of the chassis frame.

“So why bother?” I hear you ask.  Well to put it simply, this car is in fantastic condition – so let’s keep it that way!

The pictures below show the process and the cost for this would be £380

TVR protection

TVR underbody before

TVR rear suspension before

TVR rear arch before

TVR rear arch after

TVR front arch before

TVR front arch after

TVR underbody bef

TVR underbody after 1

TVR underbody complete