Jaguar S Type underbody protection

Here is a typical 10 year old Jaguar S Type.  The car is well cared for but used as everyday transport.  The cost of the service outlined below would be £480

S Type protectionFirst the car is protected from overspray.

S Type sill beforeSurface rust in several places, but no penetration

S Type underframe beforeSurface rust on underbody components.

S Type rear axle 1 beforeAlthough not affecting vehicle function yet

S Type rear axle 2 beforeRear axle components have suffered most.

S Type rear axle 3 beforeCorroded fasteners hinder service work

S Type steering beforeSurface corrosion can be readily dealt with

S Type steering prepFirst the loose rust is removed.

S Type steering dinitrolThe surface is treated with rust converter.

S Type steering afterProviding a primed surface.

S Type FWA exposedDebris behind the splash panel

S Type nylon brushUsing a nylon brush to protect the paint

S Type FWA cleanedNo signs of rust penetration

S Type DintrolSpraying with Dinitrol Corromax

S Type FWA waxedComplete coverage

S Type F sill coverThe sill covers are also removed

S Type F sill waxand protection applied

S Type sill injectionThe box sections are injected

S Type R sill beforeMud and debris on the rear wheel arch

S Type R sill afterCleaned and protected

S Type RWA beforeRear wheel arch before cleaning

S Type RWA afterAnd after completion

S Type FWA without splashThe front before fitting the splash panels

S Type FWA completeand with splash panels cleaned and refitted

Now the car is ready for another ten years!  Ideally the underbody should be checked each year with cleaning and reapplication carried out to any areas as necessary.