1965 Jaguar Mk2 Corrosion protection

Jaguar Mk2As a guide the cost of the work outlined below would be £380.

Completely restored about eight years ago and regularly used this Jaguar Mk2 is very typical of many high end restorations. The car was totally rebuilt to the highest standards with all corrosion removed and new panels welded in. All suspension components were also renewed or completely renovated. The car was undersealed and waxoyled during the restoration.

The car is still in fabulous restored condition, however as expected from regular use there was some surface corrosion on the exposed components underneath.  The following corrosion protection work was therefore carried out.

The car bodywork is covered to protect against overspray and the complete underside is cleaned of all mud, dirt and debris.  This is done with nylon or wire brushes as necessary to avoid damage to paintwork.

Jag RR arch wire Jag RR arch rustAll components under the car together with any required areas of the underbody were wire brushed to remove loose rust and paint.

Jag RR arch useal Jag RR arch converterThese areas were then coated with Dinitrol Converust RC900 before being coated with Dinitrol 4941 black under body corrosion prevention fluid. This will provide good anti corrosion properties as well as a cosmetic improvement. In turn this will help to improve and maintain the value of the car.