Useful Information From Cumbria Car Storage

Alternative Storage Facilities

We are confident that we can provide you with the highest quality and best overall value storage solution available. To show our commitment to doing so, we have compiled the most comprehensive list available of storage facilities in Britain. This includes over seventy storage companies and their corresponding websites.  How many businesses will give you a comprehensive list and details of all their competitors? Please feel free to compare, and if you think we can improve, give us a call!


Fitting Porsche 996 Air Intake Grilles 

A useful and stylish addition to any 996 is a mesh grille to protect the front radiators.  This is particularly true for the Turbo S and GT3 models with their oversize and unprotected air intakes. 


Jaguar Leather seat repair

A photo guide to renovation of a Jaguar XJ8 drivers seat leather.


Do-It-Yourself Storage

As if a list of all our competitors is not enough, how about we tell you exactly how to prepare and store your car in your own, non-dehumidified, garage! This is a comprehensive set of instructions for doing just that.


Washing Your Car

Everyone knows how to do that, don’t they? Read this and you may find a few surprises. This is a detailed method and information for washing your prized possession that will keep paintwork and trim in top condition.