Corrosion Protection

Underbody corrosion protection renewal service (or rust prevention if you prefer!)

Here the example used is a Porsche 996 GT3 Clubsport, please scroll down to the bottom of the page to see other examples.

This service is ideal for newer cars where the original protection is checked and “topped up”.  Most cars start to show the signs of early corrosion after about five years, depending on model and use. Treatment will check and prevent corrosion for more years to come.

Cost will vary from car to car but as a guide the cost for the work shown here on a Porsche GT3 Clubsport would be £540.

liftFirst of all the wheels are removed.  The wheels are cleaned, paying particular attention to removal of all baked on brake dust on the inside surfaces.  When spotlessly clean the wheels are treated (with Supagard Alloy Wheel Protector) to help prevent further build up of road grime and brake dust and to simplify future cleaning.

The wheel arch liners, bumpers and all plastic under trays (in this case twelve panels on total) are removed to allow complete access.  The plastic trays are in turn thoroughly cleaned and protected (using Supagard Tyre and Trim Dressing).

Steam stripAll loose mud and debris is brushed off and any electrical connectors or other exposed components that may be susceptible to water ingress are protected.  A degreasing solution is applied where necessary and the underside of the car is given a thorough steam clean.

The car is then parked in our dehumidified building, where it is left to dry out completely.

When dry, the underside is meticulously inspected for any signs of corrosion, other damage or previous repairs.  Any damage or serious corrosion is reported and repaired prior to further underbody treatment.

Any surface corrosion, quite common on fasteners (nuts, bolts and screws) for example, is treated with rust converter (Dinitrol RC900).  Plugs are removed to allow access to box sections as required.

wax4 wax3The engine, gearbox, radiator surrounds and suspension components in close proximity to the brake discs are treated with heat resistant protection (Dinitrol 4010) taking care to mask the brake disc and calliper.

wax2 wax1In this case the underside was sprayed with Dintrol 3125 replicating the factory finish.


underside protectionThose areas not covered with wax from the factory were sprayed with a clear waxoyl in order to reproduce a factory standard appearance with much improved protection (It should be noted that the GT3 Clubsport is a high performance lightweight version, specially prepared for both road and track use that does not have the normal level of anti-corrosion protection) .  Box sections and sills were also treated with Dinitrol 3125.

inspectionAll removed components are carefully replaced and the vehicle exterior is given a wash and polish.  

A final inspection is carried out to make sure that all areas are satisfactorily protected.

This work normally takes three to four days, allowing for drying out of the car prior to treatment and the protection prior to refitting of components and inspection.

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