Security and Environment


Security is our top priority; we are situated in a discreet location and live on site.  For added security, we have installed the latest technology alarm systems and 24 hour CCTV recording surveillance systems.  The security system incorporates smoke detection and routine visual checks are made on all cars. 



Storage Environment Control

The humidity is controlled by humidistat to a maximum of 55% relative humidity.  This is recognised to be the optimum level at which to reduce the risk of corrosion without being too dry to harm leather and wood.  Thermostatic heating control prevents temperatures dropping too close to freezing in winter.  To prevent dust ingress the building is of sealed construction with a polished and sealed concrete floor.  Additional seals are fitted to personnel and roller shutter doors.

Both the humidistat and the power supply have alarm and alert features.  If for any reason power is interrupted we have a back-up generator.