BMW 635CSI Under-body protection

The service outlined below cost £380, bearing in mind the box sections, doors, bonnet and boot had been wax injected previously. If this work is included the cost would be £480.

BMW635CSIThis 1980 BMW 635CSI is in fantastic un-restored condition, being well maintained from new.  The underneath is in remarkable condition and has been protected well by the factory applied under-body protection. However, after 30 years there were areas where this protection had been penetrated and there was plenty of surface corrosion on the suspension parts.

BMW RL useal BMW RL rustThe underside was cleaned and the suspension parts were wire brushed to remove the loose surface rust. Areas of loose underseal were removed and the exposed surface was wire brushed and treated with rust converter. 

This car had recently had all box sections including the doors bonnet and boot wax injected and so this was not re applied at this time.

BMW arch useal BMW arch rustThe brake discs were protected and the complete underside was sprayed with (Dinitrol 3125) wax.  This was followed with underseal in all the areas where the original coating had been repaired or was thought prone to failure.

BMW arch panel BMW arch no panelAccess panels were removed from the wheel arches to ensure there was a good protective coating and the panels themselves were coated front and rear before being refitted.

BMW full usealThe finished result gives a much improved cosmetic appearance as well as significant corrosion protection.